Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Allison Post Op Day 6 - Update Aug 22

Allison comes home!!
Allison was released from the hospital to come home.  We received all of our instructions of do and don'ts before leaving and loaded her into the car with multiple pillows for the car ride home!  Along the way we stopped for two of her favorite foods, a smoothie from smoothie king and Orange chicken from the panda express! Her back was bothering her too much by the time we got it to eat, so it was saved for dinner.  She is now trying to get settled into her regular bed after having the fully adjustable bed and Kathleen and I excited to sleep in our bed after sleeping in her room for the last week.  I will have to admit though that Kathleen and I will miss the hospital room service!  The food was pretty good at the hospital and the best thing was somebody delivered it to us!!  Attached is a picture of Allison leaving the hospital and the other picture is Allison's spine with the new hardware!

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