Saturday, August 17, 2013

Allison - Post Op Day 1 - Morning Update Aug 17th

Allison is doing well this morning!  Her blood pressure did drop a bit in the night which caused lots of people to keep coming in and kept her awake.  They gave her lots of extra IV fluids and talked about the possibility of a transfusion but luckily got it under control.  Today will be a big day for her as she will be moving from ICU to a regular room on the seventh floor, but unfortunately they have her in an ICU bed which means she has to transfer to another bed and isn't looking forward to that ordeal!

She has been a trooper and wants get well cards.  If you do plan to visit, call me to get the new room number and would be best to come this afternoon after she is in her regular room.  If you were planning to bring flowers or a plant, don't, because All Childrens does not allow them.

Check out the attached picture with gifts from her best friend, Savannah!!  She has a "build a bear" with a shirt on of her favorite group One Direction and singer Harry Styles.  She is also holding a blanket crocheted by Savannah.  Her best friend Savannah has been awesome for Allison, she has never left her side since the night before surgery and has even stayed at the hospital both yesterday and today keeping Allison's spirit up!  I can't forget her good friend Eden who also stayed with her the night before and stayed with her at the hospital until she went into surgery.  

I also wanted to let everyone know that although I have not been able to answer all of your emails in support of Allison, I have read them all and shared all of them with Allison.

Thank you!!  

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