Saturday, August 17, 2013

Allison - Post Op Day 2 - Morning Update Aug 18th

Moving from ICU to 7th Floor
Allison has just been moved to her regular room on the 7th floor.  The room number is 716.  The phone number for the room is 727-767-1716.  Visiting hours for the hospital are 9am to 9pm daily.  She is still pretty groggy but is very aware of her surroundings and is open to visitors.  The hospital is located at 501 6th Ave, St Petersburg.  If you plan to visit, the easiest way is to pay $3 for valet, or you can park in the garage across the street for free.  If you park in the garage, use the elevator to go to 2nd floor in the garage and the walkway will bring you through the out patient center right into the hospital.

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